16" Radiance Child Pattern

$ AUD 5.99 each

Each pattern comes with extensive instructions, totalling around 3500 words and covering between 16-18 pages, plus up to 21 photos, AND a special mathematically configured grid that tells you the correct sizes for head to body, and wool weights for various size heads. So you don't need to guess anymore! On payment you will receive a PDF file similar to an e-book on waldorf doll making, with the convenience of instant purchase and printing of your patterns in the comfort of your own home. You may sell the dolls you make with it in any quantity, as long as the website is mentioned as pattern source but, by copyright laws, the pattern cannot be re-sold, forwarded or duplicated. Notes on printing the PDF file: In order for the patterns to print out at the correct size, please make sure that the following items are selected in the printer setup options in Adobe Reader: Paper Size is set to "A4" Page Scaling is set to "None" under Page Handling header

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