13.5" Radiance Child (Child Doll)

$ AUD 34.99 each

Hair Colour
Eye Colour
Skin Pigmentation
Wool Stuffing
Hair Style

The Radiance Child doll is great for boys or girls from three years and over. The body and legs are all in one, and the arms are separate to be sewn. The legs and arms all move and are not rigid. The 13.5” dolls match the clothing patterns. For 16” Radiance Child doll, you can enlarge the clothing patterns to fit by 20-25%.

The doll kits include:

  • Tricot - from Holland; the best quality tricot I have found
  • Embroidery thread for the face
  • Tubular gauze
  • Unbreakable string
  • Wool or Mohair wig yarn
  • The Pattern
  • (Wool Stuffing Optional extra)
List of the comments:
Rita Nelson
This is my first foray into making a Waldorf doll. The pattern is easy to understand and follow. Everything is supplied, right down to the cheek blusher! My little doll turned out very well and I look forward to making some more. A very good introduction to the art of Waldorf doll making!