What happened to the Custom Dolls?

I have temporarily stopped making custom dolls as I am homeschooling this year. But everything else, including the kits, will be available and sent promptly. I will also still add dolls to the Dolls Ready To Go Home section when I can. Sorry for any inconvenience!

If you have any difficulty ordering online, please contact me and order via email

Where is my instantly downloadable pattern?

When you pay via paypal, you will receive a confirmation email with the download details on it. If you pay via direct deposit, I will manually confirm your order as soon as payment is received. If you still have problems, please email me with your order number and name of pattern, and I will email it to you asap.  

Are the "non jointed" doll limbs flexible or rigid?

They are completely flexible and will get more flexible the more they are played with. Only the Starbright doll has the "jointed" limbs, and all others are sewn into the body of the doll, yet the arms can move 360 degrees and the legs can bend.  

Will the DVD play on my DVD player?

The format is NTSC and will play on all American units, and should play on all Australian and European units by now as well. Please make sure your DVD player is not PAL only before buying as there is no refund.

How long will it take to reach me in the US or Europe?

I send all items only airmail and it takes between 1-2 weeks. Sometimes it takes only 4 days! The postage is super efficient and so far I have never lost a parcel. However, once it is in the mail I cannot be responsible for it. You can get insurance if you contact me when ordering.

How long will it take to make a doll?

Usually it takes about a  week or less. But delays can happen closer to Christmas. I can give you an up to date estimate if you contact me. I have been known to complete a doll in a day, but don't count on this. Please order as far ahead as possible and save me the stress. Also, with these dolls I prefer not to be pressured so I can make the best doll possible for you.

Which doll is suitable for my child?

As a general guide, from customer feedback and personal experience, the DreamTime Baby, the "My Love" or the 'My Baby' doll is ideal for a child under 3. The Radiance Child dress-up doll is ideal for the child aged 4-5 onwards. Girls this age like the 16" Radiance Child dolls with long hair, and boys tend to like the 13" Radiance Child dolls with short hair.

How difficult are the patterns to follow?

You will need a medium level of sewing skill. The "My Love" and the "My Baby" pattern is the easiest followed by the Radiance Child.

Can I wholesale your DVD/dolls?

I do wholesale the DVD to some sellers. Please contact me regarding a quote and information. As for the dolls, they are not mass produced and cannot be wholesaled, though you are still welcome to buy them and sell them from your shop.

I am Australian; is there any other way I can pay you?

Yes, you can pay with Direct Deposit or cheque, and if you are in Perth then you are welcome to pay cash.

Not getting through via email?

I never ignore emails so it must be some other problem. Please check your spam-box, and/or trying emailing me on sarahwh AT iinet.net.au