Waldorf Doll Making Instructional DVD

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The Original Waldorf Doll Making DVD: 72 mins of jam-packed doll making - no fluff - will show you how to make baby dolls, button jointed dolls and child dolls, setting you on the path to making any kind of Waldorf Doll, against a background of relaxing piano music.


The Head

Stuff a firm head and use string to sculpt it.

Doll Sizing

Get the head-body-limb proportions right, then create your own patterns and doll variations!

Sewing the Body

Lay the pattern correctly, cut out the body and sew together.

Stuffing the Body

Stuff the body evenly.

Sewing on the Head & Limbs

Sew on the head so that it stays firmly in place, and limbs so they are still flexible.

Stuffing the Child Doll

Stuff those skinnier legs and arms the easy way.

The Face

Using extreme close ups, you will learn easy ways to create symetrical eye shapes, lips and apply blush to the checks.

Crochet a Wig

Watch hands on the screen as though they are your own, so you can easily follow along and crochet a wig. Then sew on the wig in the right place.

Wigs for Child Dolls

Long haired wigs and an easy non-crochet wigs Button Joints - create a button jointed doll that will sit up alone.

Bums & Bellybuttons

Create a belly-button and a cute bum.


The credits roll as four cute Aussie kids play with the dolls.

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List of the comments:
Linda Utz
Excellant DVD! Sarah shows each step in close-ups so we can follow along until our doll is completed. The dvd is high quality with Great attention to detail and Great sound quality. I ordered mine straight from Sarah and it came very quickly. I highly recommend her DVD. Sarah responds quickly to her emails and is very sweet to offer help and assistance. You will enjoy this dvd and enjoy watching Sarah create her dolls. Much better than a workshop, because I can stop the dvd, rewind it, ets as needed with each step. 5 Stars *****

Francisca Supple
Cisca rnI love this DVD. I've been interested in Waldorf dolls for some time but living in the country and with 3 young children I didn't have time to go to a class. Sarah has provided the answer in her detailed DVD. The attention to detail is fantastic!The best thing IS the fact that just before each step of making the doll I re-watch the DVD to make sure I'm doing it right! Thank you Sarah for allowing me to fulfill a dream - to make my daughter a doll! I can highly recommend it!

Rita Nelson
This is a very well organised and presented DVD. The instructions are clear, concise and very easy to follow with clear close-ups of the steps needed to create your very own individual Waldorf doll. I thoroughly enjoyed making my doll, using one of Sarah's kits as none of the materials required are available locally. I can highly recommend this DVD to anyone interested in learning how to make one of these cute dolls.