sarahwithdollsHi, I'm Sarah and I'm based in Perth, Western Australia. My sewing/arts and crafts interest started a long way back. Inspired by my fashion designer mother, I began to sew at a tender age, and was taught to knit and crochet by my granny.

I did children's literature, film studies and journalism at university, and have also done the two year Foundations in Anthroposophy.

When my son was a baby I took my first doll making class .... and then took two more classes straight after that. My teacher, Fran, is an amazing lady who has taught waldorf doll making for 30 years. Since then I have been hooked and have made, literally, hundreds off dolls, selling them on ebay and at fairs. Just to see these little beings come to life in my hands is a delight, and customer feedback encouraged me even more.

I have always loved dolls, and secretly wished I could still play with them long after I became an adult! Since discovering the beauty and simplicity of the Waldorf doll, I have now returned to childhood again!

In 2004 I started running doll making classes after lots of requests. From many hours of teaching I realised how useful a DVD would be for people, so I wrote the script and worked with my doll teacher's son, who is a film maker and who had grown up amidst waldorf doll classes.

I have loads of future projects and ideas, so please come back here often. I intend to put more patterns in the e-patterns page and would like to make an advanced doll making techniques DVD in future. I also have a few book ideas in mind as well.


If you live in Perth, Australia, feel free to drop in and view the dolls and kits.

Join the Waldorf Craft yahoo group here;  Online Waldorf Craft Group

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.